by Albert Askenazi
About Us
 My name is Albert Askenazi, I was born in the city of Durango, Mexico, and raised in Mexico City. When I was in the 7th grade, we read in school as part of the curriculum the book " Don Quixote de la Mancha", and it made such an impression on me that a few years later, I read it again several times. You know how some times you play with your friends, the game of pretend that you are somebody else? Well, everybody was choosing to be somebody else like President Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Superman, Baby Ruth, etc. But I always choose to be "Don Quixote". And it was something that the morals and the teachings of this book became part of the way I look at all the aspects of my life. In the year 1968, I presented to a group of friends at my lodge a talk on the subject of the book "Don Quixote". To my surprise it was the beginning of more sessions and talks about the theme and teachings of Cervante's book. Later, these friends presented me with a beautiful wood figurine of Don Quixote, my first Don Quixote, that I treasure very much. It is one of my favorite pieces. A few months later was my birthday, and guess what my wife Shirleen gave me for my birthday present? You are right: another figurine of Don Quixote!! We kept on collecting and finding figurines and pieces of art works depicting the image of Don Quixote in all our trips. G-d has being great to us, and help us realized many of our dreams. He gave us the fortune to be able to travel to many parts of the world, and now, since 1974, we have collected almost 1500 items of Don Quixote. Keep on looking for your impossible dream, and search for your star. Albert Askenazi
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